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Time trip to 1995

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During the last government shutdown, some of us were 12 years old and wearing out our VHS of “Tommy Boy,” that comic masterpiece about responsibility, duty and friendship. The disapproving public might think the 113th United States Congress is full of both Tommy Callahans (entitled oafs) and Richard Haydens (sniveling bean counters) but this is no time to discuss how “Tommy Boy” is an allegory for our legislature.

Instead, after a week of thinking shutdown thoughts, the heart of the matter is how culture changes faster than politics, and how the time between this shutdown and the last shutdown is somehow both an eon (when measured in how we live) and a blip (when measured in how we govern).

Picture it! Mid-November 1995. Cold and wet in Washington.

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I still have a VHS copy of Tommy Boy.....

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Well, we let them get away with it then, relatively unscathed....

So, just like a spoiled child, we are letting them get away with it again.

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