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Still Waters

Urban foxes can live harmoniously with humans

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Packham said reports about foxes attacking humans, going up the stairs in houses and allowing themselves to be picked up were “improbable.”

He cautioned against generating fear of foxes, and said it was easy for people to live alongside them, feeding them in their gardens and watching them from their homes as he does himself.

Confessing to his love for the animal, he said: “An adult fox is for me much better than a tiger.”


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This is the man who, a few years ago, suggested that the Giant Panda should be allowed to become extinct and the 'panda conservation' funds be redistributed to less expensive conservation projects.

Packham is a pseudo-countryman - a townie in wellies who has a narrow agenda which mostly encompasses money!

As much as I tend to agree with him concerning the fairy tales of foxes 'going into bedrooms and prams and carrying away babies', he needs to focus on what foxes can do to chickens and new-born lambs etc. Foxes are wild animals, and whilst they should be respected as such, it is desirable for their own health and wellbeing that their population be controlled.

Before anyone accuses me of being a frustrated huntsman....To be honest, although I enjoyed those days, I don't think the modern countryside layout lends itself to hordes of horsemen and women galloping over field and fence, 'scattering all before them', so I think Drag Hunting will have to suffice from now on. Having said that, I will shoot any furry-arsed thug I see hanging round my livestock!

As for urging people to feed foxes 'in their gardens' - How stupid can you get? That's asking for trouble! Once they have lost some of their natural fear of humans, it's 'open season' on what's on your kitchen table, and take it from me, you really don't want to corner a fox in your kitchen!

Please, Mr.Packham, go back to tagging cuckoos and leave the business of countryside management to those to know what they're doing, and who do it for a living, not for broadcasting ratings!

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