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Lake Titicaca yields ancient treasure trove


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Archaeologists have located more than 2,000 individual artifacts beneath the waters of the lake.

The items were found at what is believed to have once been an ancient ceremonial site and include ceramics, gold and gems. Some of the items, including puma heads carved in stone and intricately detailed gold leaf artifacts, are believed to date back over 1,000 years.

Read More: http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/256191/lake-titicaca-yields-ancient-treasure-trove

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20 feet doesn't seem that deep, I'm surprised none of it was found sooner. Great find though.

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Where are the pictures of them, or are they waiting for the paint to dry?

Once a sacred place...for sure, not any more.

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It's a city of gold! Quick call Esteban and Zia!

Oh, bless you for that!

(But don't forget Tao. Sidekicks need more love.)

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Is this the same lake that people tried to drain in order to get at the supposed riches below? Because that's awesome if so.

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