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Witchcraft Road, Virginville, PA

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WITCHCRAFT ROAD, Viginville, PA 3.06.13

Witchcraft Road is located in Berks County PA near Virginville and Hamburg. This road runs northwest towards Windsor Castle through an area that is affectionately known as "WITCHES DANCE". Nearby there is Dragon's Cave and many others, the most famous and tourist trap is known as Crystal Cave. This area and in Lancaster County PA hosts

many strange road and town names, notably Blue Ball, Intercourse and Bird In Hand. We can only speculate and also research the origins and histories of these locations and the meanings behind these names. Hex Highway is slightly to the northwest and we can only imagine all the events that led up to naming that road what it is.

To the untrained eye this innocent sprawling farmland looks like any other rural area with red barns and farmhouses, you must wonder, “Why the sinister name?”

The early settlers in the area were mainly of German descent, they often referred to the nearby mountain as Hexe Dans or Witches Hill. They believed the area was cursed by witches, demons, and poltergeists. This was mainly attributed to the fact that there was a spot on the crest of the hill where no agriculture would grow. The early settlers believed these rampant supernatural spirits were trampling the fields, making it impossible for any crops to grow. Rousing the local’s suspicions even more was the way their horses would refuse to even cross the ridge of the hill.

Annually the locals would gather on the hill and hold festivities and ceremonies to rid the area of any evil spirits. Walpurgisnacht tradition was carried over mainly by eastern European settlers and was deemed as a way to scare away unwanted evils. Today this tradition is still celebrated in most parts of Europe and Scandinavia.

But are the evils still on Witchcraft road?

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In addition to the town names you've mentioned there is also Scotrun which is sometimes misread as a part of the male anatomy. It does cause snickering at times.

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