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Little Miss Panasoffkee

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On February 19, 1971, in Sumter County, Florida, the decomposed body of a young woman was discovered beneath a bridge in Lake Panasoffkee. She was believed to be in her early twenties and had been strangled to death with a man’s belt which was still wrapped around her throat. She had no identification and since no one ever came forward to claim her body, she was nicknamed “Little Miss Panasoffkee” and laid to rest in the area.

Years later her body was exhumed in an attempt to identify her. One of the most curious discoveries they made was that a form of surgery called the “Watson-Jones” technique had been performed on her ankle. She had extensive dental work and a recent study of the lead isotopes in her teeth has led to the theory that she may have been a resident of Lavrion, a fishing port near Athens, Greece. It is also believed that she had given birth to a child at one point. In spite of these very distinct clues, her real identity has yet to be uncovered.


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