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Still Waters

Does bird poop coffee make the ultimate brew?

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Still Waters

A bio-dynamic coffee farmer in Brazil has found the ultimate high-end bean: in bird droppings.

When Henrique Sloper, the founder of Camocim organic coffee, saw his red mocha and yellow bourbon berries disappearing by the dozen to the Jacu, an endangered, pheasant-like bird native to the Mata-Atlantica rainforest, he knew he had stumbled upon something extraordinary.



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I put chicory in my coffee and thats good enough for me.

Might go down well here though:


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So, Brazillian coffee is known to be a poor grade of coffee... generally Robusta strains, because the growing conditions in Brazil for the good Arabica beans are ... well... not good--they don't have the altitude, proper soil, and it's too wet. So, you can assume that they are growing Robusta (like Folgers or MJB) and getting a bird to poop it out. Ok, great except letting a bird eat and poop the best of bad coffee, still equals bad coffee. Its the same with that stupid Civit kitty poop coffee... I have NO desire to even try it, because I already know by default it's not as good as the worst Arabica coffee. LOL.

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