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The spiritual psychology of the chakras


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Kathleen Meadows: Chakras, auras, subtle bodies and energy healing have become common topics of discussion. What once was considered esoteric or fringe spirituality has become increasingly mainstream. In line with this more people are developing a new awareness of their own body energy – some from a desire for inner growth, others from a scientific (quantum physics) perspective and still others from a renewed sense of the sacred.

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About chakras much has been written, but I think, the best are translations of eastern masters. Not of our commercial autors.

Good about chakras are Shiva samhita, Gheranda samhita,

Translations by A. Avalon: Sat chakra nirupana, Paduka panchaka, The serpent power a similar texts

Or good book Is translantion Chinese book The secret of the golden flower, by Richard Willhelm. But there is chkra Ajna called "Heaven heart" and chakra Anahata "fleshly heart".

There are two different paths. The first is a paths to Nirvana (paramatman). I means ending the cycle of life in this world and and in spiritual worlds too.

The second is a paths to obtain spiritual powers (siddhis) and a better life in the spiritual worlds. (In The secret of the golden flower) But there is necessary to open a chakra. And it take many years concentration on one chakra.

Swami Raghavanand for example wrote.:

"It is important to great deepen of one meditation. No more meditations."

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This is why most are kept in their lower chakras because If we reached our higher chakra we would see that life is not as real as we believed it is. Every single human being is being used for their energy, we are all batteries negatve/positive and we all give out either one, is their a force that is keeping us in fear and supplying them with our negative fear energy?

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