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Understanding Multiple Unexplained Phenomena

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I have been roaming around similar forums for quite some time and I keep reading of multiple dimensions that exist beyond our conceptual grasp. I keep hearing of people suggesting that the different deities we worship may have been extra-dimensional beings and/or extraterrestrials. In this thread, I am not saying that they exist, but asking: IF something like that were the case and there were intelligent beings from dimensions beyond our reach, could the possibility that other phenomena observed (strange floating lights, ghosts, aliens, poltergeist activity, cryptozoological creatures, ancient creatures resurfacing in present times, etc) may be explained by this theory or encompassed in it as well?

If an intelligent being came from a different dimension and made contact with us, why aren't we still in contact with such a conversation piece?

Could we get to these multiple dimensions?

Is there a spot where the veil between dimensions could become thin or something?

Could this/these additional dimension(s) allow for differentiated travel through space-time (and more specifically, time?)

Is this a spatial dimension or more like a muti-verse? -or- Am I entirely confusing this??? :)

Due to extra complexity, could the cognitive capacity of these extra-dimensional beings be increased exponentially compared to what ours is?

WOULD these extra-dimensional beings actually even be any more complex than us?

What's with all the crazy magical stuff that happens in most religions that I have read about?

I am new to posting here and this community seems like a great and colorful group of people. I'd just like to see what the "local" community has to say about some of these things that I continually come across and possibly get a little clarification on (and insight into) some people's individual theories.

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Welcome, Xtradimensional. You ask a number of questions, none of which--I believe--have answers at this point in time. It's fun to speculate about such things, but apart from Alice in Wonderland's rabbithole, well-written episodes of "The Twilight Zone" and the machinations of the US Congress, I'm not aware of any demonstrable proofs of multiple dimensions.

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