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Wolfe Manor facing possible demolition

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Wolfe Manor, AKA Clovis Sanitarium in Clovis California.

This historic and purportedly haunted home was built in 1922 by Anthony Andriotti. It was a lavish home, with a swimming pool in the basement and a ball room on the fourth floor. Due to the costs of building and upkeeping the place, he lost the home in 1926. In 1929 he drank himself to death at age 36.

It was purchased in 1935 and was opened under the name of the Hazelwood Sanitarium, a terminal illness center.

It sold in 1942 to the Telford family and was opened under the name Clovis Avenue Sanitarium, a mental illness center that also offered some medical services to the general public. Run by Mrs, Bashears, it is during this time that it is purported that ill things happened. The hospital could house 150 patients, but it was often overcrowded into the halls. There are claims of abuse and torture of patients, an excessive amount of deaths, and horrible experimentation. High turnover of staff due to terrible working conditions. The basement is reported to have been used to store bodies when need arose.

In 1954, an 18 room wing was added to house. It was quickly overcrowded, and they still were understaffed. Over the years the conditions generally declined, and through the 80's it fell into greater disrepair. The doors of Clovis Sanitarium finally closed for good in 1992.

In 1997 Todd Wolfe purchased the place and opened a commercial haunt. It was a popular attraction till 2003. The city council revoked his haunted house permit, mostly due to neighborhood complaints. Since then, Mr. Wolfe has had plans to renovate the place into a haunted hotel, but has not been able to come up with the funds. In 2007, Mr. Wolf had the hospital wing of the building demolished. Since 2008, there have been 96 police calls, and several fires have had to be put out- making it a hot spot for the emergency services. The place has fallen into such disrepair that in 2011 the city said it was unsafe to occupy. And now the city has told Mr. Wolfe that he must either do some serious repairs by April, or demolishing proceedings will start for the building to be torn town.

This house has been on several TV shows:

Ghost Hunters in 09, titled Recycled Souls

Ghost Adventures in 10, titled Clovis Wolfe Manor

My Ghost Story in 11, titled Beware of Wolfe manor, episode title The Dark Spirit

The Dead Files in 13, titled Hotel Nowhere

Sad to see the rise and fall of a haunt. The house really is quite lovely- or it used to be. I somehow doubt that Mr. Wolfe will be able to fix the place up.

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Wolf Manor saw arson in August of last year:

And trespassing ghost hunters last May:

Sad :no:

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