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Perspective is of course the first step to any overriding view of the world. Some call the root viewpoint a narrative. A story about what life is about and what it is for. We all have one, though it may not always be conscious, and in fact may be fed us by the dominant cultural standpoint. Cultural is a two edge sword, it can like the word of God cut both ways. Since culture often evolves blindly by lurching from one bad choice or direction to another, it is best for people to learn to decide for themselves. This is harder than it seems. Politics, religion and our school systems can be the major culprits in leading its citizens down paths that are dead ends. Perhaps today we are experiencing that now in the United Stated. There is a lot of good that is present in the world today, but the forces of chaos seem easier to follow, or lets us say, if we let go of personal responsibility, things will follow their own course. It is easy to believe that things will right themselves over time, but that is an illusion. The world today, my country the United States, can reach a point of no return, where we become just another way of life, a powerful country that becomes the litter of history. We see it in the news everyday, but like thinking of our personal deaths, we may find it almost impossible to imagine our own country, whatever country that is, of dying. I am not being a pessimist here, but perhaps we need to at times turn off the news that is pumped into us all day long, or the cultural pundits that seek to tell us what to believe, how to live and what life is about. If we let go of personal responsibility as well as seeking, we can find ourselves in a self made cultural prison.

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