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If Old Testament is largely fictional...

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Can we really believe what happened in the Book of Joshua?

I came to believe that the Old Testament, or Tanakh, only represents a certain faction of long-gone Israelite, not the majority. Yeah, I know...maybe Ben will love to debate me on this. :)

It's likely that ancient Israelite built some sizable wealth out of crafting and trading. Not to fabulous like the myth of Solomon. Just enough to be constantly invaded for its value as a major trade route. Hardly barbaric and bloodthirsty to me. And study shows there's not much evidence of Biblical invasion on Canaan... I think Lewis Black is right. Jews love to BS. :D

If there were...let's see, a group of brigands who fled Egypt and invaded Canaan and indiscriminately slaughtered and enslaved anyone they encounter...Well, they could have been easily vanquished by the allied force of local tribes. Like Finkelstein explained, the migration could be whole lot mellower and peaceful.

Like I said, the Book, or the library of Books represent possibly a certain faction that happened to be really extremist. Bear in mind that most of the OT could have been composed during the Babylonian exile, one of the most butthurt moment in the history of ancient Israelite.

And this brings up a torrent of questions. Was the Greek occupation of Judea a really bad one, except for that madman Antiochus Ephiphanes? Certain records say it really wasn't, and Antiochus guys is the one who really messed up the whole thing. Maybe someone can assert that Jesus of Nazareth would have never been surfaced if that Ephiphanes guy didn't act up.

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