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first bad memory

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(Part 1)

I don't remember when it happened really well, but I think it was three years ago. I was sleeping, and then I opened my eyes to 2 6ft tall monsters or idk. But they were holding my arms down. And I couldn't yell or scream. They kept yelling join us in demonic voices. And all I could do was chant in my head no. I was screaming for help in my heads but then a bright light came out of no where and the monsters were yelling no. I felt like I was being lifted. I finally opened my eyes and I was crying. I looked around panicky like someone was watching me. For some reason the cable box was switched off and I kept looking towards the window. I then ran to my mom and I told her what happened.

(Part 2)

The Closet

I was sleeping and then I opened my eyes. I could move freely but I felt light. I looked to my closet which I hate and their was a black hole in which made me run out of my room. Then I opened my eyes D

from my dream. It turns out I was sleep walking or running because I was running in the hall way to look for my parents.

(Part 3)

I started to get what I found out a lot of obes and psychic abilities after part 1. I was able to see auras and sense things you know the usual. Now in present day I decided to close my third eye because I couldn't take anymore obes. They were draining my energy. I then had a dream of a monster similar to part 2 a month ago. I was in a white room. Almost like a hospital room. And there was a large window and you could see outer space. Then a lady who was injured with blond hair and bright blue eyes in a blue suit told me to run. So I did. Then the monster chased me but I got away waking up. Then I had a weird thing or dream of my mom hurting me. Then. I woke up again(actually awake) and my mom was knocking on my door telling my brother was making weird noises.

Today I woke up paralyzed and something trying to pull me. I then saw a triangle. Then man similar to the lady who helped me before. So I suddenly started praying.even.though I'm not religious then it stopped

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