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A rant from a crazy man

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A rant from a crazy man

Please forgive me for bringing up the abortion issue once again. Also, this may be a rant from a crazy man, but ‘flow’ writing helps to get my inner frustrations out. I suppose we all have them, frustrations, I write instead of throw things. Again, not sure this is the place to post this, if not let me know and I will gladly delete.

It is not that this is my only focus on the cultural and political scene but I believe that the idea that abortion for any reason is OK has deep repercussions on our society. First of all, I am not pointing fingers at anyone who has had an abortion, for it is usually made under painful circumstances and in many cases, young women are often ‘forced’ into it by their families, their lovers, or social pressure. Then, many, a few of them that I have spoken to, have to deal with the pain and often the mourning that follows. To deny ones flesh, to kill something growing within the body I believe is harmful to many on a deep cellular level. A fetus is not a tumor, it is not a threat in the vast majority of cases to the mother and it is really in a position of absolute powerlessness. So if life is a process from conception until natural death, then the fetus’s rights are being ignored. This is for me and for many, a human rights issue. It is not just a Christian position, for there are secular sites that promote the rights of the unborn.

I know abortion is not something new and I know abortion will not go away. Also being a man, I have to be very careful about this issue. I never bought into the whole sexual revolution thing, even as a teen ager, when it was just beginning. Even back then I could see the effect it had on some of the students, mostly the girls….though back then it happened rarely. Perhaps it was because I had younger sisters that I was sensitive to this issue, for I was very protective, as were all of my brothers of them. It is a win, win, for men, for women; well it is not so easy. I know of some in high school who had to go away for a few months, then returned as if nothing had happened. I always felt sad for them, that they had to loose a portion of their innocence so soon. Though way back then, geez, almost 50 years, it was not very common.

Women are the ones who loose out when men do not take responsibility for their actions, who feel that they have the right to have sex with as many women as possible without the responsibility that follows. The playboy philosophy only works in magazines and movies, in real life, well I have found so called play boys sad, lonely and stuck on a level that most teenagers never reach, or if they do, pass through very quickly.

People are encouraged to live a free lifestyle, then when someone in authority actually lives it, then the tongues start to wag…..It is like the philosopher Bertrand Russell, who when he was first married preached open-marriage, until his wife joined in, then he divorced her. Perhaps when he experienced the betrayal of his wife, he did not have the courage to see how he actually drove her to it, perhaps in order to assuage her own pain at being betrayed.

Women are betrayed by men all the time. Used, thrown away and yes, forced by many circumstance into getting an abortion, which again, many have to deal with the pain and mourning for the rest of their lives; often alone. Birthdays are very painful for many of them, and like I said above, no one else mourns with them. It is only a fetus right?

When I was in the Navy and went out to bars to dance and drink with friends. I noticed something. Those very young, say under 25 seemed to be having a good time, those older seemed somewhat desperate. I never forgot that moment when I saw that….or perhaps it was a projection on my part. It was in Jan of 70, it was cold and dizzily outside, loud inside, music, laughter and suddenly this came over me, to tell you the truth I found it somewhat terrifying, our human situation, of having to deal with loneliness, and inner fragmentation in ways that only make things worse instead of better. Both on a personnel and societal level, all of our actions have long lasting ripple effects on those around us.

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