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Making Interstellar Travel Possible

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Why I want to make interstellar travel possible

My organisation wants to produce the necessary technologies to make interstellar flight possible. In order to do that, we must join forces and continue to invest in space exploration

Space exploration once used to be the domain of highly trained astronauts but in the near future it will be open to professionals and amateur space enthusiasts alike thanks to organisations such as Mars Society, Planetary Society and Virgin Galactic, who are giving average people like you and me (with a large bag of cash of course) the chance to have their own Yuri Gagarin moment.

One of the most unchartered areas of study in space exploration however is interstellar flight. Travelling to the moon is one thing, but designing a spaceship capable of actually reaching our nearest star system is a whole other kettle of fish.

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Could be a fascinating enterprise to join or even back as the potential for advancement in many tech and social areas would be phenomenal...

Certainly worth keeping an eye on but with full caution as it is also a good candidate for abuse...

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