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Family Experiances

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These are odd experience a few have had in my family

My older brother before for my nan passed away slept at her place he seen some sort of mist coloured apparition moving down the stairs on a few occasions after or before my granddad past away I am not to sure.

He's also had experience at home when he was younger. His name got carved in the ceiling and it was to good to be my brothers or mine we both slept in the same room. But what got my mum is he couldn't even write that perfectly back then or even now, I seen it but I was young at the time and dint think much of it.

My mother well she had experience of seeing a figure float across the road heading home from work which made her turn back and take another route home, She also told me that in our front room with her ex boyfriend that a black like disc fell through the ceiling and hit the floor making a loud thud even my mothers ex boyfriend spoke to me about is as well and he dint understand what happened. My mum also told me and my dad about being lightly harassed in her bedroom Covers tugged and being pushed this is the same room me and my bro us to sleep I'll admit it there was always a on and off feeling in that room.

My aunty, She had a experience at work, She works at the naval dockyard in Plymouth as a cleaner. Her first and only experience so far was she was getting ready to move from the area she cleaned to another area whilst she was on the way she said hello to a women entering a room but the women dint reply, My aunty was annoyed that the women dint reply and decided to follow in after her and ask her what was wrong she entered the room and the women wasn't in there.

Me and My father and little brother still remain sceptical until we have our own personal experience but I'd thought I'd share what I have been told from family members. There's most probably more but I cant remember those are the only stories that have stuck with me.

I am an fairly old member under the name of Ronseal I lost the email address and password to it so I made a new account.

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