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Dream telling me something subconsciously?

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Firstly I am 24 years old and I know the two ladies in the dream, the first paragraph the lady I know is 20 years old and the second 28 years old. I think they may have interest in me in real life.

So the dream:

I remember I seen this young lady who I know dancing on the middle of the road wearing a dark blue top which changed into a lighter color as she was dancing with other teenagers around her on this street crossing on the middle of the road (the one with the ballads, not the lights) there are no cars going past. She had an extremely beautiful face which her body was open in my direction (not with her back towards me). This young lady was in the middle of the dance, I was just watching. This lady is wearing casual clothing.

I then notice I am in a famous person's (Louis Walsh) biography, which my name is mentioned twice and with astrological information. I do remember I am in the final 20 going through in a talent competition, which is significant in the dream. I then notice an Older lady who I know, which I will call her 'V' which states in his biography "V is very handsome and she pulled the whole team together."

I've read dance dreams are always positive, perhaps the lady in the first paragraph is telling me something? I've had vision's of her too.

I would appreciate any analysis.

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Hi Dunlop, Welcome to UM.

This dream does sound kind of Positive to me.. Though I do kind of make it a point not to interpret other peoples dreams unless asked, simply because many folk have different subjective meanings for the same thing.. I kind of feel that if a dream feels positive upon it's recall then in all likelihood, it is a positive thing..

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