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Warriors of the Clouds

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'High on a remote cliffside in northern Peru, a line of sentinels gaze out from a ledge, their unblinking eyes painted onto clay faces that guard the mummified occupants within. These are the purunmachu – sarcophagi – in which the Chachapoya people, placed their dead.

By the time the Spanish arrived in Peru at the beginning of the 16th Century the Chachapoya people had already been conquered and absorbed in to the Inca Empire. Although they had resisted, the lands of these Warriors of the Clouds had been annexed and the people forced to adopt the customs and culture of their conquerors. However, they left one thing behind as a monument to their existence – the strange sarcophagi.

Thirty miles away from the city of Chachapoyas lies the Utcubamba valley where in 1928 an earthquake shook the hills and revealed a seven foot tall clay square-jawed figure that had tumbled from a high cliff.'

Article & great pics: http://www.pasthorizonspr.com/index.php/archives/11/2013/perus-warriors-clouds

Interesting stuff!

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Very interesting and great find :tu: Man Id love to have been an archaeologist....and have a job exploring ancient sites for a living...

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