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George Ford

Are we all PSYCHIC?

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George Ford


Are we all PSYCHIC? Scientists believe that animals - including humans - have a collective consciousness

  • Behaviours found to spread throughout species seemingly telepathically
  • These behaviours were adopted among groups that had never met
  • This led scientists to believe they're spread via a collective consciousness
  • Blue tits and macaques among species that share behaviours this way
  • Report in 2010 claimed to have proved humans have similar psychic skills
  • However, these claims have been dismissed some scientists in more recent reports"


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I've been told I may be psychotic ........is that near enough?

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Small letters <_<

From the article

Durkheim’s definition related more to a shared understanding of certain morals and social norms based on people either imitating others, explicitly passing on these behaviours to one another, or agreeing certain ideals in order to feel accepted.

Yet in the 1970s, scientists began to suggest this collective consciousness could be developed and spread through species non-explicitly; through telepathic or ‘supernatural’ means.

The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon, for example, was an idea put forward by South African zoologist and ethologist Lyall Watson and his scientific author colleague Lawrence Blair in 1975.

Watson and Blair used the behaviours of Japanese macaque monkeys to back up their claims.

This is the kind of stuff we've been predicting with astrology for thousands of years. It's about the same thing as feng shui if you ask me. I think it's a more plausible explanation than telepathy because it's well-documented and the kind of telepathy working here is very selective. Why can't we warn each others of danger telepathically, and so on? Why just learn things simultaneously?

Also from the article:

It is also thought that monkeys don’t share a collective consciousness but instead all have thought processes and brains that solve problems in the same way.

Humans dont all have this. Maybe when the task is simple you can't see a difference between solving methods, but more complex task, there starts to be different ways. We have very different school results starting from pre-school and first grades, and there's profound differences in the ways people think. And animals too, in my experience.

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I just knew someone would ask this question oneday!

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