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Strange Smell Like Ash In My House

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Okay so I wanted to ask some advice..I know my house is haunted. You don't have to believe me, but I've had enough experiences to know that. But what I want to talk about is this strange smell. There is smell that comes and goes in my house. Its like ash. I have checked my boiler, cooker, everything appears to be fine. My first initial thought was ''Oh my god carbon monoxide poisoning or something!'' But lo and behold, it appears everything is well on that front. I don't smoke, and neither does my flat mate so its a total mystery. And its not a simple ''Oh that's smoky'' smell. Its like my face has been literally shoved in an ash tray. It's disgusting and nauseating. I alway sleave the room immediately. And it occurs in ever room, coming and going, and lasting for maybe five minutes to fifteen minutes. Opening the windows does no good, it just doesn't seem to move. I have no idea what it is. Its so strong it would make you dizzy, literally. And its not our electrical wiring or anything like that, I've also checked all our electronics. And its not just me who notices it, my flat mate does and friends who visit. Its a terrible, terrible, smell. Any ideas? I think it might be spirit related but I'm not sure. I did check all the rational options first as you should never jump to conclusions like ''Oh its a ghost'', but having checked everything, I am stumped. And also we don't have a fireplace or chimney, this house was built in the 1980s. What kind of spirit would smell like this?

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