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The Legend of Spring-heeled Jack


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Posted (IP: Staff) ·
Ritoban Mukherjee: One of the most abstruse paranormal entities to have baffled humanity is Spring-heeled Jack. The sightings began in the Victorian Era, when an evil phantom masked underneath a cloak, with fiery eyes and flaming breath was reported to assault unsuspecting pedestrians in London. Since then the sightings spread to the entire of the UK and even America. Most witnesses have described Spring-heeled Jack as a sinister being, with an aura of fright and wickedness which he carries with himself wherever he goes.

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Really like Spring Heeled Jack. Didn't realise the sightings had continued into the modern era. Always thought it was some sort of unique hysteric reaction to the Jack the Ripper murders. Its the imagery of fire, and strange suited attacker that makes it one of the greats for me.

Great Article


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