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If anyone can help me with this I would GREATLY appreciate it!

So here's the problem: 87 year old in a building 50 feet from my residence. Apt to fall at any time but insists on living alone in apartment. He has a "senior medical" type service so that he can press a button if he falls or gets into trouble and an ambulance will come BUT what I want to do is have an RF pendant that will actually set off an alarm and maybe a strobe in the house where I am as well.

So I need a basic alarm that can be activated by an rf pendant. And I cannot find such a thing ANYWHERE in south Alabama. Ideas?

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Well amazon or E-bay would probably be your best bet. My mam got my grandma a mobile phone with big buttons and it's got her number loaded in on speed dial for numbers 1,2 and 3. There is even one with an 'SOS' button on the back:-

It's set up with charger next to my nana's bed so she puts it in her pocket 1st thing in the morning and puts it back on table last thing at night.


Just realized how old that link was, here is a more recent links to a similar phone:-

and :-

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