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Another Premonition?

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Hello again friends

On Saturday 30th November (yesterday) morning I had yet another dream, which seemingly has again come true. I'll try and keep this as short as possible, it goes like this..

I am stood in thick green vegetation looking up at the sky, to my horror I see a passenger jet which is descending very quickly. As the pane goes by me the engines are stalling and spluttering, with smoke trailing from the back. I see a red stripe down the plane's side. At this point I stand with my hand over my mouth crying thinking of the people onboard who are going to die.The plane then disappears over a green hill and when I eventually look in the direction I see a massive fireball as the downed plane erupts into flames.

In the next moment I am floating above the wreck which is burnt out, surrounded by charred ground and beyond that green vegetation and some trees. There are no buildings or people nearby.

I woke up soon after, still feeling rather upset by the dream, I immediately told my mother and as it shook me I posted on facebook about this dream. I had a friend say about the helicopter crash (in Glasgow), so I decided to look at the news and the report was there, but more importantly there was a breaking news story about a passenger plane which had gone down in Africa.

This is my... 5th I think dream which has come true, anyway thank you for reading.

Take care


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George Ford

Cool, can you dream lottery ticket numbers?

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wow! thats an awesome gift! I would love to hear more.

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