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'Vertical Cemetery' Design Wins Praise

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A "vertical cemetery", in which the dead are buried in a modular high-rise tower, has been commended as "a highly original contribution" at an Oslo conference for Nordic cemeteries and graveyards.

Article: http://www.thelocal....rave-conference

I like this form the article; "McSherry envisages the city's different communities each having their own floor, with Jewish, Muslim and Christian cemeteries slotted on top of each other, alongside memorial areas for non-believers, and floors holding the urns of those cremated."

Who gets the very top slots? (lol)

The winners' proposal was the replacement of individual graves with a 'collective place of memorial', which makes me think our Nordic cousins need a heart for their collective Christmas.

p.s. apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

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Keel M.

So, like a mausoleum on steroids.

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