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Gigantism documented in 5th Dynasty

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The remains of a large adult male, probably in his late 20s or early 30s, from a Fifth Dynasty

tomb (2494–2345 BC) were excavated in 2001 from Cemetery 2500 in the Western Cemetery

at Giza, Egypt, as part of the Howard University Giza Cemetery Project. This individual

exhibits characteristics of pituitary gigantism, including tall but normally-proportioned stature,

delayed epiphyseal union, a large sella turcica, advanced arthritis and a transepiphyseal

fracture of the left femoral head. Additional pathological features, including osteopenia and

thinness of the parietal bones, suggest that this individual may also have been hypogonadal.

Craniometric comparisons with other ancient Egyptian groups as well as modern normal and

acromegalic patients show some tendency toward acromegalic skull morphology.

I thought this was interesting.

Basically this poor fellow was Messed Up.

Only one such guy found, so no need to claim Giants built the pyramids and such. Also this guy was definately a giant, but not very strong, or tough and probably was hurt easily.

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From the looks of it he was treated quite grandly while he was alive ... what's the life expectancy of the time ? twenty five to thirties seems to be quite high especially for one with his condition ... bet the ladies of the court loved him ...

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