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Sherryjane Cooke

Paranormal presence by light or dry lightning

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My husband was working on his laptop - both of us trying to get those last hours in for work. I had several articles to finish that afternoon for my National Near-Death Experiences column. Something happened, that, if he hadn't confirmed it...I would wonder about my eyes and my sanity!

As we were working, there was a huge brilliant blue-tinged white flash that seemed to come from the entire screen of my computer, in front of my face! It was so huge but spread out in the same instant. It went through me (I only seemed to feel a gust of light wind.) It filled the whole room and the area OUTSIDE of our house...I mean, an almost BLINDING light! It was as if God were to take a flashbulb picture from all around and above us!!! But, it lasted for about 7 seconds!

I sat there in shock and could not even speak. I slowly turned to my husband...who was already starring at me. The words would not come to me. Larry said.."You saw that too!!!?" I was afraid to say anything at first, as he is the skeptic - but HE was first one this time to speak!! I thought the computer had blasted me blind! He swore it came from all around his side - while mine was from my front and all around me! Even more strange, our entire yard and the roads around us were lit up! Outside!

It was if the whole world lit up to a solid white blast of brilliance and we could see everthing but as if things in my house were dusted in this almost blue white light! First we waited for a huge boom…trying to reassure ourselves that it was a very close lightening strike....but, no boom came nor any intense blast of wind or fire from, God forbid, a nuclear blast.

I flashed back to the old days when we were taught that the first sign of a nuclear blast was a blinding white light....and I waited. We talked about it little and were sure that IF THIS WAS IT (like the Left Behind movie flash)...we were ready....and just like 9/11, we wanted our children here - but knew that was not possible. We silently prayed, knowing might both be in God's arms immediately.

But again, no boom, no firey blast and we were grateful - but so confused!??

That morning I called the City and the Power transformer outage, no power surge. I have no marks on me (thinking UFO) nor does Larry. There was NO loss of time. The blast of blinding light through us, our home and around our neighborhood lasted for almost 7 seconds! Yet everyone I have talked to in the neighborhood did not experience nor see anything (and we do watch each other’s houses diligently.)

Larry and I have run out of any debunking reasoning. Has anyone had this happen to them or has any knowledge of such a huge display of occurrences? I'm at a complete loss.

My mother passed away in June of this year. She and my grandmother always had this pact that whoever died first would let the other know that they were ok on the other side and what it was like. I know that my mother experienced visitations from her mother at various times. I know she said the same to me. Hopefully, she is happy with my Dad, her one true love and that she kept her determined promise to me.

If that was my mother...she would do something that dramatic – because wherever she went, the room stopped – she was that beautiful! But, I doubt if she would have that much energy force? Unless my dad joined her!

So, I could use some knowledgeable answers or even speculations?

Many blessings to all! Sherry

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Kids in the street with a really powerful torch?

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