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VLF radio and Spectrum Lab

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Has anyone done any work using something like Spectrum Lab (free software) in "ghost hunting"?

I see lots of "VLF Detectors" and "EMF meters" in the TV shows...but these are rather like looking at a single pixel of a blurry pic and declaring it's the Titanic, it single data point of total mush. Spectrum lab, and other software like it, uses the PC sound card with an antenna to display VLF radio waves (below 22khz) as a frequency spectrum. What this reveals are things like radio stations, atmospheric effects, man made effects. With 2 antennas you can do things like radio direction finding...straight out of the box without modifying the software or computer (right and left line input channels)

I don't want to rehash an old topic with info you folks already know, but I suspect this is where much of "ghost phenomenon" originates. One of the experiments I'm pondering is a network of VLF antennas, to measure changes over time in 3-D space. This could be something like 25 antennas set up in a grid pattern, say 20 feet apart. What you will be able to see is local changes over time and what frequencies are doing what and where the sources are. In theory, if you walk through the grid, it will register as changes in the field (human body is conductive, will deform the local EM field).

I don't know that "ghosts" can have any effect at all on VLF'd first have to prove ghost exist, then prove they can influence radio waves, right? :-) But I do know radio waves can and do influence humans, plenty of studies, they may even be the cause of those feelings of "dread", "being watched", etc. One of the amazing things about it.... the difference between VLF radio and sounds we hear is simply that one is an electrical wave and the other is a compressional wave through the air, otherwise same freq and even the same electronics used to record it. You can broadcast the human voice directly as a radio wave, and we do it all the time accidentally...every car radio speaker also transmits VLF radio waves in addition to a sound wave.

I'm curious if others have done similar work, what equipment they used, etc., I'm dreading the data acquisition part of this...all the software for it is out there, Spectrum Lab, even seismic survey deconvolution models (to do 3-D sub-surface mapping)'s just putting it all together that has me a little overwhelmed. And then the testing phase, setting up in a number of "non-haunted" locations, testing the effects of different objects within the grid (like the VLF emitted by a camera...and they do transmit radio energy, all electrical devices do) The system can also be used to test EVPs (which I suspect can be microphones picking up VLF radio in addition to endless local noise)

I have lots of pretty pics of spectrum lab screen captures of various radio sources, but don't want to flood too bad. I'll post one...the time/freq plot of a fluorescent lamp being turned on near my computer...amazing how "noisy" they are in the radio spectrum.

Lemme know what you think on the experiment, what controls you would build in, things you'd like to test with it.


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You lost them at VLF detector. :)

I like the idea of a detection grid array to track the direction of fields moving through the location.

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