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Nazca Sacsayhuaman Giza +more

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Greetings all, first off let me start out by saying I decided to start a new thread, and hopefully my counterpart Barney hasn't beaten me to this before as I am a relatively newcomer around here, but as I was saying, I didn't want to impose the real truth onto, and disrupt someone else's ongoing thread of people who have some actual so-called "facts" to dispute back and forth and do not need a "primate" such as myself busting in.

What I have to show you is indisputable evidence, and thus this should be a good-natured discussion, and I can vouch for what's what, as I was there, and we filmed it. The documentaries have been out there right in front of your very eyes for decades! >:]~

Scroll down...

First off, how did we build Sacsayhuaman, Puma Punka, etc???

Easy... The Bronto BC10000000 and BC200000000 series did all the heavy lifting.

There's me working a BC1(that's what we called em) in a quarry near Cuzco, plus some of myself (on the BC2)and Barney helping to build Sacsayhuaman. Our head mason was blind in case you were wondering. He though every block was of equal size and proportions.


And for those wondering about Gobekli Tepe and Stonehenge and how those massive blocks were lifted and positioned... Well, here I am again on another BC2(those were much more efficient, and very ergonomically correct! These babies delivered the precision!!!) ... and there I go driving through Gobekli Tepe... Religious center indeed! BAH! I hate that!!! I exit from the off-ramp and you guys think I worship the bloody highway!


And if you're wondering, "Well, how did he get from one hemisphere to the other?" ... Simple... I flew, like you would. And if you're wondering why there are no trace of said flight left for you to examine... Well, take a closer look... Organics... There's nothing left to examine. Simple as that. Now you just MAY understand Nazca, the temple of Seti I cartouche, etc..

Plane AND helicopter:


It may be hard to believe for you latte-sipping uprights, but we were NOT just primates back then. We had many inventions, millions of years! before your righteous highbrow selves invented the same things.

Have a gander:


The documentary these clips came from, and I happened to star in as well btw :) was filmed by the very first Widescreen Panarock technologies. I apologize for the fact that it's in 2-D only, but hey, that's how we lived back then. We had just gotten out of the B+W ages previously, so we were pretty content.

As for my name: Freddie "Lemieux" ... I give full credit to the show's producers for having the foresight to realize the American viewing audience of the next 10,000 millennium, would be much better receptive to a more Anglo-centric name such as Flintstone.

I'm surprised that most of you just thought the show was a Saturday morning cartoon for kids. I tried to tell the producers to go with the name BIGfoot BOTHER so as to reinforce the show as a Documentary. But they told me A: the public will need much more time for that concept, and B: then the star of the show would have to be Gigantopithecus. So of course I relented.

As I said, I was there, and can vouch for whatever. I'd post sources, but I'm sure the pictures speak for themselves and it is very easy to find sources of which I speak.

I encourage you all to re-watch the series and keep all your questions, in your head, and be ready to be answered as you watch >:]~

Oh, and I almost forgot...

For the AAT theorists out there... even waaayyyy out there :) ... Well. You're partially correct. We did have some help from out there. He came in the form of this little guy, but he would help us in other, more personal matters, not for building our infrastructure. Sheesh, and you guys say we needed help. hmmmm


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Now everything is clear to me...

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Makes as much sense as anything coming out of zoser's brain. :tu:

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I learn new things everyday. I did not know that Hanna Barbera produced documentaries.

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