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Still Waters

3D-printed regenerative shoes developed

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Still Waters

A British designer has come up with a concept for a pair of running shoes that can be 3D-printed from synthetic biological material and repair themselves overnight.

London designer and researcher Shamees Aden suggests that the trainers, which are made from 'protocells', could be 3D-printed to the exact size of the user's foot, making them fit like a second skin. The shoes would react to pressure and movement, puffing up to provide extra cushioning where required.


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Sound like a good idea, but by 2050 it would be interesting to see if the market for running shoes is going to be enough to make this worth while.

Trainers today among many youths are a fashion statement, and considering the next generation is being brought up to use their energy in cyber worlds as opposed to the outside, I doubt there will be a call for this in the future...caring for them like a plant? considering todays generation are being taught that we should be relying on technology to cater for our needs i can not see the future generations putting the care which would be needed to maintain these trainers....after every jog.

We have a problem getting many kid to go for a walk as opposed to geting off their computers...so a future generation of joggers?? Hmm.

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