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Still Waters

Before Stonehenge -

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Still Waters

Archaeologists have just completed the most detailed study ever carried out of the life story of a prehistoric Briton.

What they have discovered sheds remarkable new light on the people who, some 5500 years ago, were building the great ritual monuments of what would become the sacred landscape of Stonehenge.


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that seems to be a particularly important piece of information. The Winterbourne-Stoke Long-Barrow is (i suspect) the one-and-only (?) long-barrow, in the WS group, of burial mounds. The LBs are the oldest mounds, all prior to 3000 BC (i suspect). The LBs seem to be dispersed fairly far apart... perhaps, circa 3500 BC, when the noble man was buried -- also about when the long, linear "Cursus" was excavated -- the LBs were located, on localized farm-steads, having houses of the living descendants, of the ancestors buried in the LBs ? Perhaps 'twas only later, when the entire SH landscape, was set aside specially as some sort of sacred cemetery complex ? Or, perhaps the lands around the massive monuments, were in fact farmed, then as now ?? c.3500 BC, only the LBs + Cursus would have existed, on the following figure; the population then, was allot lower, than it would grow to become, c.2000 BC, when the Sarcens were installed, at SH:


Second, please permit me to promote a previous post, reasonably relevant, to the SH site:


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