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we all live the thug life

Astral Projection

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we all live the thug life

So I have been progressively getting more of my conscience out of my body each night, and the other night I had a tall dark mass shadow at my doorway and it scared the crap out of me and I went back to my body. I just need tips on how to overcome the black mass in my room and getting out of my body fully and any other information I need to know thanks!

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To be honest I do not know. I've never experienced such a thing and I am not conviced it's entirely possible. Seems difficult to ruled out the possiblity that Astral projections, especially at night, is actually a kind of conscious dream.

In all cases, I tried to find some informations for you, here are two links I found to be stuffed with informations on this subject:



Some books:

Journey Out Of The Body by Robert Monroe

Astral projection and Psychic Empowerment: Techniques for mastering the out-of-body experience by Joe Slate

Leaving The Body by Dr Scott Rogo

Far Journeys by Robert Monroe

I do not know about the quality or the ''effectivness'' of these books on Astral projection but these writters are considered 'experts' on this field of research.

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Astral Seeker

In another perspective I read that all those accounts of people performing OBEs and seeing dark figures would tend to prove that in the astral there are some spirits/beings who dont want us to be able to AP (because AP = freedom of thoughts and allow to find the truth), hence all the poisons in food to keep us prisonners

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