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So our First Contact is with guys looking...

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I really don't like the depictions of all the alleged aliens allegedly encountered by...contactees.

None of them looks likable at all. Not even human-looking ones. And there are scientists and scholars beginning to suspect that only the meanest SOBs survive through interstellar civilizations.

Well, I gotta confess. Recently I got addicted a few specific sites like Kotaku, io9, and Cracked. And I quickly realized that the opinions on aliens presented on those sites don't fit with UM mentality very well.

And I found this awesome artist.

Probably not a happy encounter for a non-believer like me. Probably I would end up being one of those suckers who carry those damn 'flashlights' and good-for-nothing vests just to pay the bills and glorify the almost-dead Emperor. :D

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