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Mysterious Aztec human & dog sacrifice skulls

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Archaeologists announced Tuesday that excavations for a Mexico City subway extension have turned up what appears to be an unusual Aztec offering: a dog's skull with holes that indicate it was displayed on a ritual skull rack normally reserved for human sacrifice victims.

Excavators also found a woman's skull and two men's skulls with similar perforations around the temple, which allowed them to be mounted on a public display rack known as a tzompantli.

The find dates to between 1350 and 1521 and is the first time a dog's skull has been found along with a skull rack, according to Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History.

I'd say defintely a werewolf. No doubt about it. Decisive proof or their existence.

(Ahahahah, we'll see who'll fall for it!)

On a serious note: I'm not too expert in mexican zoology, but in the article they say that Aztecs had small dogs. They don't specify the size of this dog's skull, but it would be interesting to know it.

What if it was a big dog? Could it mean a contact with northern tribes/civilizations?

This could maybe explain also why there's a female skull too.

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