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"a brief description of our existence"

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"In a time when hope is lost as the clouds block out the thoughts of meaning, It's lost in this world, the rare belief that true beauty exist. I have to look inside and I believe, Know, that is does. Where? In the far reaches of a lost thought, a place that isn't found until a time spent freely, When? Only as those clouds subside, when a rare breath of fresh air is felt, as the mist no longer affects my vision, Why? A unbelievable event, caused by an entity that is saw from either end of the spectrum as one who sees the "world" for what it is and not as the image set forth by all others. One that is saw as a symbol of beauty wherever they are or by whoever the viewer may be. As this world, my mind, looks on it's brightened for a few moments by you. True beauty"

Explanation: In most works the reader may look at it however they want to. That is usually caused by the abstract meaning set forth by the writer. I am not abstract so I am going to give you "the reader" a simple look into this thought.

This was written for no reason other than to explain a thought that I had once. The way in which it is written has other reasons though. One being to not allow someone that doesn't understand me to be able to understand it for what it is. Say someone just read through and wondered who "you" may be the first thing that will pop into someone’s mind is a girl, someone that I care about or are very attracted to. The real you isn't even a person but wording it how it is misleads the people with this frame of mind. Another type of person may look at this from a religious view point and could draw from it in hopes that it speaks about God himself. I am a person of no faith so if the reader knew me this wouldn't have even been entered their mind. The difference between knowing someone and understanding them is very important because knowing me dismissed anything relative to God. Understanding me brings him back into the picture. The you mentioned in this isn't a being at all but a collective knowledge which is simply so amazing that I’m astounded by it. The knowledge is the basic structure of the Universe "I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details." Albert Einstein. This explanation wouldn't have been added giving a normal readers situation but what I would like to know is if creating a work which selects it's readers for what they are is the way to go about this or should I be more open and not keep my meaning from certain people?

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