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I Caught myself Sleep Walking

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Okay guys this morning around 6am i remember having this dream about Work and i was cashing someone out and they didn't want a Bag. And i am preety sure they were buying clothes or something and i got out of bed walked halfway to my door with my Jama Bottoms(I Sleep in underwater) stretched out my arms thinking i was giving it to them when i felt a Cold gust pass by me waking me up.(My room is the Coldest room in the house and i hate the cold). So it was probably a natural reaction to wake up to even the slightest bit of cold air lol. When the cold air woke me up i thought what the **** am i doing with my jama Bottoms? Went straight back to Bed.

This is strange as later that night i was trying to Astral Project. A while back i created a thread about Sleep Walking being related to a failed Astral Projection Attempt. The night before i remember reaching the Vibration Stage of AP and then losing Consciousness. I don't sleep Walk often but this is the first time that i have ever caught myself in the process of Sleep Walking. I believe that my conscious memory is improving as i have been remembering more and more of my dreams. For example a couple nights ago i was able to catch my self "Sleep Talking". I had two dreams that night and i remembered each one vividly. In fact it was the second one were i caught myself Sleep Talking. Again it was a work dream cashing someone out i remember briefly waking up to looked at the clock saw the time 9:00 am and the price changed to $9.00 in the dream lol. I said $9 out loud thinking i was talking to myself but i wasn't my mom comes in the room and she says what? Waking me out of the trance state.

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