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Peter B

Tomb of pharaonic beer-maker found in Luxor

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Peter B


A Japanese archaeological team has discovered the tomb of a leading beer producer from the pharaonic period in the famed temple city of Luxor.

The tomb of Khonso Em Heb, who lived 3,200 years ago, was "one of the most important discoveries made in the city of Luxor ... at the Thebes necropolis", according to Mohamed Ibrahim, Egypt's antiquities minister.

Okay, about 1400 years too late for the pyramids, but still a worthy find. (And I don't even drink beer...)

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Interesting article. The Japanese continue to do very good archaeological work in Egypt.

Khonsu-em-heb may have lived long after the Pyramid Age, but Egypt in the time of Dynasty 19 was a much greater and more far-reaching nation than it had been back in the time of Khufu and his Great Pyramid. Egypt was one of the most powerful empires of the Near East in Khonsu-em-heb's time. And the population of Egypt was significantly larger than it had been in Khufu's time—on the order of several million more people. And all thirsty. Imagine all the beer it would take to satisfy that many people!

See what we owe the Egyptians?

OverSword, I really want some of that Pyramid ale. I wonder if it tastes like…mummies?

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