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Are we receiving ?


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Edward Crabtree: A young man named Philip Freeman drove his girlfriend, Angela, through a wooded part of Surrey, in the South East of England, one November night in 1967. The windows had steamed up so Philip got out to wipe them. He then noticed a smell – a sulphurous stench - all around him. When he got back into the car he saw it. There was a face which looked through the window on Angela’s side of the car. He described the face as long, white, featureless and luminous. As he drove away he had time to see the entity move to the back of the car. The thing’s body was `bell shaped`. The smell disappeared when they had escaped. This case, the write up of which was titled `The Spectre of Winterfold` resembles many a tale of ghoulies and goblins – except for the fact that it appeared in The Flying Saucer Review (Volume 14, No1, January – February, 1968).

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In 1964 the Russian science writers Genrikh Altov and Valentina Zhuravleva looked again at the Tunguska fireball of 1908. They proposed that the event, which devastated the area near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River, was in fact a laser message beamed from the stars! They went on to speculate that it had originated from a planet orbiting round 61 Cygni and that it was a return call. The eruption of Krakatoa had, they said, generated radio waves which had been taken, by the ETs, as being a signal.
So ETs mistook a volcano for a message and sent one back that would kill anyone receiving it.
This is as bold a theory as has ever been forwarded by mainstream scientists. If, for a moment, we are to accept it, then why would our cosmic brethren need to use lasers when a pulse of telekinetic energy would do just as well?
Does Edward Crabtree have any evidence of telekinesis being used to send messages?
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Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein (and others) finally made sense of the physical world with their laws and theories. They removed the mystery from even the most common but not undestood things. It remains for same gifted academic to put a 'unified field theory' to things just beyond our reach. Therefore, ghosts, goblins, spectral lights, esp, automatic writing...the list is endless...would be understood or at least examined from a scientific or philosophical point of view. The possibilities of life elsewhere and visitors in wondrous, albeit understandable space craft should be considered a completely different topic. We know a great deal about these visitors and as the years pass, we learn more. We will never learn more about the spectral world. We have no clue, for example, why a platoon of Roman soldiers have been seen marching through the walls of a church basement in England. The church was built atop an ancient Roman road and the soldiers were seemingly re-enacting an a event from antiquity. But UFO's, are a different matter. We have an idea of the propulsion systems, the nature of the 'pilots', and even the weight of the craft...very heavy, even Bob Lazar's 'sport model.' A twenty five foot diameter craft in Argentina was reckoned to weigh upwards of thirty thousand pounds, maybe more. Telekinesis, sending messages to individual 'receivers' is silly, rather like the US Air Force blaming unexplained sightings on swamp gas or particularly nimble Jupiter or Venus able to hover one hundred feet above 1957 Chevrolets..

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One thing that strikes me is the mention of a sulphurous smell. I saw this ufo documentary once in which a witness claimed this too. It was around the same time I think actually the incident and the government had quickly come out at night to retrieve the object . All hush hush off course. There were people mentioning also the possibility of the Nazi bell experiments .

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there is a theory now that the universe is projected like a hologram from a compressed copy like or something uploaded onto the surface of of this copy like how a black hole stores everything that comes into contact with it a slide of the universe you know???

i was'nt listening enough ahah i say like a hologram this is just a way of explaining the theory to someone like me ahah it seems obvious now we think about stars would project stuff the light from stars anyway :)

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