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Egyption ancient vison to religon

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Im of a Ancient Egyptain religon culture, during the cermonies of my culture i keep having ancient weird visons of my past egyptain life. I can pitchure myself as the daughter of Queen Nafertiti, I'm on the balcomy of the tower i live in. I look down and see the ancient warriors that protect my pharoh father. Amogst them are the warriors that protect me. I see the young general warrior of 20 years of age. Who looks at me and smiles and gives me a look of forbidden love. I leave the balcony and lay upon the floor near a fire. I wake when the moon is full and high, i hear a sudden noise. In quick motion i hide waiting for the person or animalto appear. At last a figure slowly enters warring only the under garments of warriors clothing. I hear my anciet name being said by the person. I walk out upon the palce i was hidng. " Alemiati" he says again as I let his amrs warp around me as i smile. "Ihlome." It suddenly goes black, and i wake up when the sun rises I sit up to find Ihlome laying next to me his eyes closed.

The one thing is this vison is not like the others i have had, this for me is a reminder of who i am. My religon is my prohpet and life, for if i for get my visons will stop.

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