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There is no Salvation

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Salvation is a false concept, since we did not fall from anything. We started small and started imperfect.

Even if we fell from something, chances are it was not our fault at all. Maybe we as a species were compromised, for the lack of better words.

There is no salvation. Only progress and evolution, all possibly done by ourselves. It may sound puzzling but if we can de-evolve chickens with chemicals...then maybe we can do the opposite to ourselves.

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Salvation as a base concept can happen.

If i fall into a hole and someone pulls me out, they gave me salvation from the hole.

Spiritually, its a religious concept, and is only as real to you as your specific belief is. Claiming its false is about as helpful as claiming angels are false.

The people who believe won't be moved by the things you bring to the table, because that's what they see their faith as existing for.

People who do agree with you, already agree with you. Its not really a statement that breads a good discussion

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