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The Science of Self-knowledge

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Philosophy and science, one asking to be found sincere and the other asking you to forget who provided it and just check his findings for yourself (but not be asking your preconceptions).

The person who originates the real is not asking to be found sincere. is not sincerity, and neither is a new behavioral cue or cognitive insight.

If a drunk tells you of a behavioral cue you didn’t know before he told it to you the question isn’t if that makes him a good drunk, there being no such thing in such complete resignation to a social handicap, but only if the cue is genuine; or you have twisted your priorities.

We want to question people’s motives because we do not want to leave confrontation up to ourselves, and as long as we find people questionable we are only being confronted by them, not by ourselves. When we are prepared to be self-confrontational the reality of the given is what matters, not the sincerity of the giver.

The ancient virtue long called “self-knowledge” is the antithesis to self-love, and the history of self-confrontation exists just like the history of physics. The old works are in the hands of the worst-case hypocrites, who turn it into popular trash (“easy-listening truth”) as “putting a personal spin on it”.

What the progress of the actual science of self-confrontation means to the modern individual is access to a place far beyond the starting point.

Why would you want to diminish your own love of yourself? Because it is not you, but the paradigm of society (a hive-mind effect), which means it profits someone else far more than you. You get rewards, but some people are deluged with them, and society is their show, not yours.

What happens in reward-pursuits is a continuous degeneration of emotion toward literally scary old-age personality. The rewards are supposed to matter more than the emotion, but there is an emotion that is worth giving up everything for, and you don’t even have to do that to recover it.

As you look at an older person and try to feel “The Christian Thing” (or whatever passes for it in your town) for him you are doing something mechanical, because to feel something should be to feel it together, neither being the one who imposes it, if you are the same degree of evolution.

(To feel something far greater than evolution on Earth (we have heard of it, whether this really happens to anyone or not, which no one who had experienced it could verbally convey to someone who had not experienced it because there is no quick test; and that is not a hint that you ought to think I have experienced it; my sincerity-quotient is as valuable to you if it is insincerity because I’m not the one confronting you) is a cosmic feeling, which becomes unbearable after a while because in some way Earthly evolution is still too frail as its instrument. It’s like staring into the sun: too much is plenty. So we are not inquiring about a cosmic feeling, but the feeling that is denied when innocence is not absolute and universal (not one’s opinion of oneself or one’s delusion of how God views one).

Emotion decays daily, as flattery inflates us with our progress toward serving the social paradigm. The most brutally accelerated decay is the sociopath’s, who is suddenly and early confronted with the chore of forsaking what he loves with a callous act of slaughter or torture. (The history of deflection among Judeo-Christians begins with the myth of The Sixth Day, when God finally created something he loved after having toiled in vain on the fifth. Who but a sociopath decides how history will be putting it?)

There is no belief-system of self-confrontation. Belief-systems are the purview of secret police, whatever robes they are wearing. If your communications are tapped what the police want to hear is that you believe, and what you believe is good over here and bad over there, to those other police. No one will ever believe their way out of the paradigm they are subordinate to. All there is to seek is the real!

And the real is subject to testing, even if it requires a lot of patience to test it. The patience to test it is a gift of a piece falling into place. If there is a real piece, then there really is a whole puzzle.

Where was absolute innocence perfect? In evolution! If the hummingbird is perfect the flowers can adapt symbiotically with it, and vice versa. Absolute transparency, to flood each other with who we really are until there is not a subatomic particle that has not been shared.

Evolution is “the saint’s march”, God’s plan. Come closer; find a transcendental tact together and rocket closer! The reward is far higher than enthusiasm. It is having never been this close before, every day or so. Years are wonderful this way, in that no day is the same, and no year ever could have happened before.

Adults, younger elders and pushier peers arrogated the role of justice when we were children. “Now you are a good kid!” That was never sincere. No one is good to an adult except by being an idiot. The maze of ways provided to becoming innocent deflects that we were born that way and no one noticed. No adult human being has ever observed love, because the observer draws a pall over all it observes. No one has ever seen a loved child, and how it reflects it like a cat’s eyes, making it ten times brighter.

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