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Will Russia come to the "aid" of Ukraine?


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Today Afghanistan... Product of US and Soviet 'war' for influence. We cannot just look at statistics and nowdays happenings. After soviets signed friendship threaty with newly formed country it was mr. Jimmy Carter who directly backed soviet opponents in Kabul, rest is history. I do not try to justify anyone, its just that every 'foreign interference' in any country internal affairs results in decades of struggle and problems for people in that country. As for Afghanistan, struggle never ends it seems. Same ****, pardon my language, that we vitness day by day all over the world.

I dont think it was the Soviets alone, the Brits were also to blame in ww2 when the Soviets and Brits were in that theatre of war

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Theres a nation we have hardly had any say on this matter, China now China didnt vote for or against in the recent vote, now is China going away from Communist ways and siding with the west, ie trade deals, the problems with North Korea and now with the American vist on the new Chinese aircraft carrier.

I suppose China is for and against in the events of Crimea or doesn't want to get involved now with Donetsk since its a Welsh founded city, it would be along to Wales via historical background

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good joke , gave me a nice laugh I needed

Except that Russians are not stupid or power hungry like the US foreign policy ... As soon as they hit a wall in Afghanistan they retreated ..... Smart US has stayed for 10 years losing man every day (and many more commiting suicide)

You obviously know nothing of warfare, go back to Call of Duty

if thats the case then that is the worlds worst retreat ever, so why were they building universities if you say were retreating

Hes right though, the Soveits didnt even want

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Today Afghanistan... Product of US and Soviet 'war' for influence. [...]

Actually Russia benefited from NATO intervention in Afghanistan in 2001, otherwise they would still be fighting full scale war in Chechnya (and surrounding areas). Just few days ago (on April 4th) four Russian soldiers died and seven were injured when armed vehicle (BTR) got blasted in Chechnya. With NATO withdrawal, where do you think some "jobless" talibs turn their eyes on? I have sneaking suspicion that Russia will have more troubles (in addition to what they already have with Ukraine affair) in following years.
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