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Charging sigils

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I practice changing my mental states every day (not just the usual daydream) I meditate and get into deep stances, from beta all the way down to delta and have had wonderful success in changing my emotions mentally. I would say my concentration and focus is above the average person.

For those already familiar with sigils you could skip this part, though I reccomend reading it before my main question.

I believe intention/visualization (using sigils as a tool for this) can change things in the future and present. Sigils are physical lettering created into a symbol that locks into your sub-concious (as a catalyst you can 'charge' this with deep trances, emotions and visualization before forgotten about) For the sigil/artists using intention to aid them or gift certain beings with energy I highly reccomend folding it and mixing it within a box or hiding them with your other intentions, you'll forget which is which if seen... your sub-concious wont.


My question here is about energy and whether the emotions I charge my sigils with matter. My methods are usually getting into a deep trance focusing on the sigil, or by using sexual energy too. I have had most success using sexual energy.

The other day I was thinking I always use what people would think 'good energy'. Seeing as energy is energy, does it matter if the energy is deep emotions of rage? Rage is such a powerfull energy, and this emotion I can manifest quickest. Dont get me wrong, I can easily meditate with pure intention for a good 30 minutes and be happy with the amount of intention/energy built (breath: slow. heart rate: slow. mind: focused) But with rage....

Rage I can manifest within seconds my heart rate goes up my body starts heating up and my focus feels duplicated (due to adrenaline mostly, but focus is focus no matter what way you look at it) I focus from the mind as much as possible with my intention being sent directly to the sigil. I can not do this for long as my body temperature can get dangerous after about 1 minute of this practice.

I have never tried using rage as a charge for a sigil, hell I dont even believe using rage is acceptable unless for self defense; if I used this energy to charge a sigil, will something 'backfire'? not physically...(too much cortisol running through the blood is bad) but with my intention, with my sigil. Has anyone used so called 'negative energies'?

I plan to experiment soon but wish to hear from some of you with experience or info, thanks!

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Depends on the intent. A curse is well suited for being empowered by rage. From my experience a sigils will last so long as the desire is present. Once your desired outcome is met then the "spell" stops working.

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