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First woman in the UK to DIE from cannabis...


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Noticed that the dead woman was a devout Christian. Gotta jam that in there, because marijuana affects different people differently depending on their belief in God. :blink:

I'd be more interested in knowing the religious beliefs and politics of the coroner....

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Thanks for chiming in as a ex-smoker SkyScanner, typical though that we disagree slightly. Hope the Skyline is coming along nicely too. :tu:

My biggest gripe was the promotion of cannabis that seems so rife these days. So I thought I would ask both of you, would you recommend smoking cannabis to friends or even your children (adult children)? Personally I would not, mainly for the reasons I have outlined already. Taking that you both have a pretty strong pro-cannabis stance I was interested to know if you would.

Only just seen this, haven't been on for a few days (making some new tunes ;) ).....the skyline always looks great to me, it never fails to leave me in awe. Hope the world is being as kind to you! :tu:

Would I recommend smoking to anyone? No, absolutely not, but then I wouldn't recommend anything to anyone....it's a line I have trouble crossing, people do it regularly and without thought "try this", "want a bit of that....etc". I only take responsibility for myself, and only ever will. I don't have children so I don't know if my opinions would change then (I doubt it though as i'd like to think i'd raise any child in the same way I evaluate things - and arm them with enough info to make informed decisions, then the decision is over to them).

I do have a 13yr old nephew though who spends a lot of time following me around and asking question after question. I'd imagine in a yr or two he'll have friends trying this, that, and whatever.......if he asks me then i'll tell him honestly, and if it comes to it then I think i'd rather he had a smoke with his mates around someone's house listening to music and talking rubbish (as I did)..then drinking himself stupid (seen far to many people have their lives dictated by drink - and whilst I have an occasional whiskey i'm not a big fan of alcohol).

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Looks like the Daily Mail is at is again. Cannabis is one of the hardest drugs to overdose on, with only LSD being less deadly and that doesn't even actually have any physical effects on your body at all.

Not only that, they'd probably mention the faith due to their type of readers and they also failed to point out that alcohol and prescription drugs (both of which are more likely to cause cardiac issues than cannabis is). I wouldn't have been surprised if the prescription drugs were the ones that caused the heart attack, not the cannabis, knowing the kinds of drugs pharmaceutical companies put into their products.

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I mentioned before Uraguay, and now, its in the news again

Uruguay's battle with 'pasta base'

In December, Uruguay became the first nation in the world to legislate for the production, sale and state regulation of marijuana. Many hope that when the law takes full effect next year, fewer people will use a cheap, highly addictive cocaine derivative called "pasta base". Others fear the opposite.


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Too many countries started to legalize weed...

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