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Military intelligence & 1960's acid hippies

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New book by esoteric researcher Dave McGowan (author of Programmed to Kill)

McGowans research in this new book uncovers huge military intelligence connections

to many of the late 1960's'hippie' bands, many of whom 'coincidentally ' all resided in

the Laurel Canyon suburb of Los Angeles, and many of whom moved there during approx. the same

time period. Connects to and expands on the work which Mae Brussels did

to expose 'Operation Chaos' (the intentional destruction of the peace movement).

Many of the most famous 'rebels' of sixties rock music were really from high level military families

with links to military intelligence and the CIA:

Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon

Laurel Canyon, covert ops, and the dark heart of the hippie hream

Se this link for more information:



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