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Does Ego Preclude Changes for the Better?

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The more complex a product is, the more ways there are of making it wrong. And what could be more complex than you or me? Animals in the wild, and even pets, are basically evolved, not rendered; but people are very much put together like a great invention.

So does it ever occur to you that you have been made wrong in some way; that you are the product of the communist “diligence-rule”: “Don’t be so damn diligent or they will expect us all to be that way!”?

Does it occur to you not to blame individuals but to blame those who produced them? Or that the courts should do so?

Could all of your mentors and leaders have spent the time when you were being put together leaning on their metaphorical shovels instead of digging their proper share?

Could it be true that being made exactly right would be a genuine delight, so that in not being made exactly right by parents, policy makers and tutors you have suffered incredible losses? Does every slight in responsibility for a child result in emotional and physical losses, and compensatory subterfuge?

On whose side is your own ego: the side of people who slighted you during your “formative years”, or the side of the victim of their indifference?

Is it possible to be programmed to defend the selfishness of the people responsible for our development? Is it possible that some studying by your elders on your behalf would have made your life amazingly better; is studying one of the things people will not do for their children, because their ego’s defend themselves as the right product of family and society, as if these conflated into a great and noble process?

In ever nation propaganda, usually as “entertainment”, tells the citizens everyone else on Earth hates and/or fears that they are the best people, from the best “society-process”. Could only yours be right? Could they all be right, and hating and fearing be wrong? Could people have reasoned with Hitler? At one time he was a hero, even outside of his own borders, “an honorable man”. Could the present iteration of Hitler now be in his “honorable man” mode?

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