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Cats & Dogs sixth sense is UV vision

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My cat often stares at things that I cant see, as Im sure many others have found. Or maybe they just do that to mess with me :lol:

Cats and dogs have a 'sixth sense' - and it's UV vision (but scientists don't know how they use it)

British researchers found that a variety of mammals, including hedgehogs and ferrets can see in ultraviolet - more than previously thought

Biologists at City University London said the finding might explain why creatures act the way they do

Experts are unsure why some animals have UV vision and humans don't

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Since cats are still predators, I would think their UV vision lets them hone in on prey as well as maybe find their way around in really dark places.

I find it funny that these scientist that did the study know that birds, for example, use the UV vision for mate finding or deer for detecting predators but act "puzzled" over why cats and dogs have it. Just because they are domesticated doesn't mean that they lose all their wild attributes.

Still, interesting findings.

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