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I have always known about dowsers but i have never tried it so i just used created a home made pair. I didn't want to tear up my Hangers which a lot of people on the internet say to use because my parents would get p***ed at me so i used a smaller version which is two paper clips. Not sure how accurate they would be but it crossed immediately when i was in my basement on a test to find water so i used my washing machine and it worked. However it pointed to another direction in the basement which i walked to and it crossed immediately however when i walked there i felt a surge of energy almost instantly come up my body. Which i thought was strange but was probably the flow of water in the house or something.

Now what is strange is i captured a Face in Photo a couple of months ago and when i was just messing around with my rods in my room the area where i originally captured the face the rods crossed. I wonder if there is any connection there?

  • What does it mean when the rod points to you?
  • What tips do you guys have for a new dowser?

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A few tips passed on to me by my dear old grandad, not long before he died many years ago..

1. Observe

2. Think

3. Learn about geology and hydrology, underground water systems, and ... plumbing. Go to the local council if necessary to get the needed info in advance...

4. Accept that you will make errors, but every time you do, use every fibre of your being to work out why you got it wrong, and don't charge until you get it right.

5. The rods are strictly for show, but they may help to give you some confidence.

Sorry about that last one - as a younger man he initially believed he had a 'power' that he could use via the rods (he used simple heavy gauge galv-iron wire) but as time progressed and he got older and wiser, he began to realise he could do it without them, and also that just by using common sense and looking at the lay of the lend, knowing where local water courses were and the local geology (or where typical plumbing goes..) he'd get it right 90% of the time.

He gave me permission to pass this on after he passed away (which he did @ 90 while riding his bike to the local shop in his country town..I wanna go like that!).

Of course that is all anecdotal so is worth exactly what you just paid... but if you ignore those tips you won't get far.

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