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Those who go before us

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Those who pass are with us,

in union with Christ Jesus they watch over us,

their power and their love

fed by infinite grace,

they draw us deeper into mystery.

One body,

Christ the head,

for Jesus Christ

there is only the living,

deaths door a way deeper in

not further out;

things are not what they seem.

We each will carry others for eternity,

salvation is not about one,

but about the many,

those we love and pray for,

those that love and pray for us,

those ‘outside’ that we dare not judge,

unending giving and receiving

for eternity.

The Our Father,

has no ‘I’ or’ me’,

but only 'our",

it is for all,

so we pray and lift up,

carry each other in love

until we have that eternal embrace

with Christ Jesus,

one Body, one Mind,

the Mind of Christ.

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