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Astronaut recalls encounter with a UFO

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The DC flyover was the theme of several TV spots my small production company did in the mid-1990s, I was able to interview the AF officer who debriefed the pilots as they returned, and we interviewed other figures still alive forty years later. I have the tapes and ought to put them on youtube sooner or later -- if I mailed somebody a VHS, could they convert it into postable form? The impression from the folks nearest the action was that the pilots were chasing phantoms and shadows -- there was nothing physical up in the air with them.

Sadly I didn't see this earlier - I'd love to see that footage. Getting vhs to a digital format like avi or wmv is actually quite easy - anyone who is into that sort of thing can do it, including me - I have a VHS<->DVD combo thingy (they're not that expensive, similar to the price you used to pay for a VHS player/recorder (anyone remember those? :(). They do a nice job, and if you have a collection of VHS stuff to transfer, probably worth buying - this is the one I have... (added) Once in dvd form, you can easily convert it to AVI or wmv with any of a number of conversion programs. (/added)

So I'd gladly help, but I live down under! Still, let me know by pm if you want a hand, and yes, I'd wear the return postage... :D

The other option is to hook up a VHS player to a flatscreen in a dark and quiet room (too bad if you have kids..) and record it on a digital camera positioned squarely in front - the results will probably be better than you expect...

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'STAND-DOWN AMERICA' There's "nothing there" say Experts, "phantoms and shadows".


Go crazy America, there is always "something there" say "experts".

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