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A defence of fringe science

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Edward Crabtree: 'Cats can be both alive and dead; particles can be in two places at one; Heisenberg says everything is uncertain. These things are all true, but the conclusion so often drawn – that since something strange is afoot in the microworld, we are steeped in mystery – is most definitely not' (P-4, The Quantum Universe: Everything that Can Happen does Happen, Brian Cox and Jeff Forsham.) This pre-emptive strike against any funny business is slipped a few pages into a useful introduction to quantum physics. It goes on to castigate ESP, mystical healing and something they call `vibrating bracelets` - in short the paranormal. Perhaps the elephant in the room here is an article that was written by their fellow scientist Professor Brian Josephson F.R.S. In 2001 the Nobel Laureate was responsible for an article which suggested that quantum mechanics might aid British research into telepathy that was taking place. It caused a storm among sceptics.

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