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Meaning of a reoccurring childhood nightmare?

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When I was a little child I vividly remember this one reoccurring nightmare. I forget most of the details but I do remember what I saw each time.

There was a black bird cage (the dome type wire ones) and inside the cage is what I referred to as "the skeleton bird". Now it didn't look like a bird's skeleton but more like that of a pterodactyl. And every time I had this dream I would wake up screaming and crying. It got to the point where my mom bought me a dream catcher.

I never owned birds nor thought about them too much. Was just wondering what anyone thinks this could have meant ?

I was clairvoyant as a child but that's a story for another time (I'm not anymore I shut it out as a child and this may have been part of why).

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John from Lowell


If it were my dream I would feel two things. (1) I am different than most birds (2) Do not cage me in or I am in a cage and want to be free.

Hope it helps you.


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I think I felt trapped a child. The cage could very well symbolize that. My parents were very over protective when I was younger. Thank you for the reply!

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